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In addition to our investments, we have an in-house developed software that helps telecom product designers.

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Investment in VoIP Projects

Investment in VoiP

We invest in the future of communication

Promoting Sustainable Communication

Promoting Sustainable Communication

Aiming for fresh perspective in communication technology

Consultancy Solutions

Consultancy Solutions

We help bringing projects into life

Supporting Innovation

Supporting Innovation

We help aspiring engineers materialize their ideas


A Company That Delivers

When it Promises

Regardless of whether it is a startup, a growing medium-sized company or an international corporation – all companies have the same goal: to make. their processes as efficient as possible during the growth phase.

Our staff at ECTENE are here to design an investment strategy to make sure your operations can be fully performed at every stage with no interruption or financial impedement

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We can help you if you have a tech related idea or venture either directly or through our partners.
Did you know our supported ventures have now over 10 million users and over 450 employees?









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ECTENE TECH Investement Strategy

Here is our Road

Up for a Journey with ECTENE ?


ROI analysis 10%

An assessment at the early stage is crucial for both the investor and the entrepreneur


Kick-off 5%

We give the projects a strong head-start with injecting capital up to 50% of the initial evaluation


Creation 80%

We spend most of the time at this stage to make sure our supported venture is growing a strong core


Go-Live 5%

We take your telecom/VoIP solution live for a preliminary testing


Deployment - optional

At this stage, the success of the project is guaranteed. However, the method of deployment depends on the founder(s)' decision

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