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Communication Systems are crucial to the success or failure of most businesses. Sustainable VoIP technologies are the heart of any organizational hive.

Over the past decade, we have participated in the growth of one of the most vibrant tech communities in the world, specifically eastern Europe, central Asia and Africa.

By learning from international examples, honing in on our strengths, and rolling up our sleeves and building impactful programs, networks and resources, we’ve not only seen massive success for the companies we back, we’ve also witnessed the flourishing of the ecosystems in which they thrive.

We believe that Technology, Data, Analytics & Connectivity are central to improving the accuracy, efficiency, quality and affordability of any service– these are the ‘pick & shovels’ of communication tech transformation.

Venture Planning

Venture Planning

Our team designs a meticulous first year plan for entrepreneurs

Continuous Support

Continuous Support

Your journey advisor holds regular meeting to make sure your venture is moving in the right direction without distractions

Community Approval

Community Approval

In the early stages, your idea needs to be protected and accepted in the business community and telecom industry is no exception

VoIP Product Design

VoIP Product Design

We have developed an in-house VoIP design instructor software to help boost the efficiency of telecom products at early stages

Why Us

We Invest in Visions


Contrary to popular belief, an investment firm should first consider the vision rather than the financial perspective of a project.

We set out to be a tech investment firm upon our establishment. Though after not too long, we turned our focus only to telecom industry and allocated all our resources to ensure we are contributing to the world’s future of communication.

The success of a high-growth venture-backed business depends as much on the leadership abilities of the founding team as it does on operational excellence.

Our team helps our founders lay enduring foundations, supporting them from pre-seed and standing by them as they scale. We back visionary leaders who will have lasting impacts on the future of society across all industries.

The next generation of great companies will be conscious about the impact their technology has on the world and deliberate about how they use that power.

They will be led by founders who build their companies on a foundation of self-awareness, appreciation for diversity of thought, authenticity, and continual improvement. The world needs great solutions and mindful founders.

Visionary Investors, Ambitious Experts

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Years of continuous creation

Every year since 2011, our team of consultants release the key statistic figures that would help both us and the founders who seek our assistance. Using the data, we re-orient our annual goals both for the direction of our work in telecom tech industry and for our general investment policies. This is all to ensure that we are providing value where it is needed the most.

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