Introducing HexPay

Seamless payment and inventory control for your business.


How does it work?

One cross-platform app and cloud enabled service can enable amazing customer service and modernize your business.

Set Up

Supply your catalogue, inventory, pricing and offers. Integrate with your payment processing networks. Use your own choice of devices to enable your modern checkout process.


Free from rigid systems and non-mobile registers, HexPay can handle your transactions anywhere. Program automatic offers based on current demand.


See real-time information on product performance, and have automatic notifications for re-ordering.


Encourage repeat custom through tailored customer newsletters, and foster store loyalty through automatically managed loyalty programs.


Great features you'll love.

Become a world-leader in customer experience.

Fully Compatable

Our platform is built using modern web technologies, enabling any internet connected device to work as a checkout or order station. We can provide card and cash handling hardware as required.

Constant Visibility

See realtime daily statistics for purchases and stock levels. Get notified of surges in sales or shortages of items.

Tailored Design

Control the branding and maintain a consistent look across your store. We allow customisation of logos and colour schemes across our applications.

Custom Code

Configure automatic actions to occur in set scenarios - such as automatic markups increase of rapidly selling items.


HexPay can link to accounting, newsletter management, or payment services. Offer email-based receipts to save traditional print-outs.

Loyalty Programs

Let customers sign up online for reward programs, that automatically credit tokens at a configurable rate with defined rewards.


Questions and Answers.

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Is it secure?

We take security seriously. AES-256 encryption is employed to protect customer data, and any interactions occur over SSL.

What is the pricing?

We offer competitive monthly subscriptions with low revenue based processing fees. Get in touch!

Can I use my own domains or infrastructure?

Currently we only support our centrally hosted infrastructure, but this does allow custom domains. We are looking to provide on-premise solutions in the future.

Can I manage multiple branches with the same account?

Yes, any number of remote sites are supported.

Is my device supported?

Any device with a modern web browser is suitable. This includes iPhones, iPads, recent Android and Windows phone devices.

How reliable is your platform?

Our infrastructure provides over 99.9% uptime.

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