Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding is everyone’s favorite dessert!  My family loves fruit desserts like Rhubarb Crisp and Strawberry Pie but sometimes I just need my chocolate fix! Light, creamy, rich, and chocolatey, this easy chocolate pudding recipe goes perfectly with fruit or on its own! How to Make Chocolate Pudding & Why Organic Milk Is Worth the Extra Cost I am so thrilled […]

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Oven Baked Chicken Breasts

Baked Chicken Breasts is couldn’t be more simple or delicious to make! Chicken breasts are tossed in a simple herb mixture then oven baked until they are tender and juicy! This easy baked chicken recipe makes chicken breasts that are lightly seasoning and great to top Chicken Salads, add to sandwiches, or stir into Easy Biscuit Chicken […]

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Crispy Zucchini Fries (oven baked)

Zucchini Fries are the perfect way to enjoy fresh garden zucchini and are perfect served as an appetizer or a side dish! Crispy and crunchy with tender zucchini inside, these parmesan zucchini fries are going to be your new favorite snack! When my garden is overflowing with zucchini, you can find me making all of […]

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Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon merge the goodness of tender roasted Brussels sprouts along with the indulgence of crisp smoky bacon and loads of sweet garlic. Brussels sprouts always make the top of my favorite veggie list! I love them baked, roasted, boiled and they’re even amazing raw in a Brussels Sprout Salad! Roasted Brussels […]

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Easy Pepper Steak

This delicious Pepper Steak recipe is a classic Chinese American dish that you can easily make at home in just 30 minutes or less. Pepper Steak is such a quick and easy recipe. Anytime you need a fast meal, and I mean way, way faster than it takes to order take-out, this recipe is a […]

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Brussel Sprout Salad

Brussels Sprouts Salad ready to toss with dressing

Brussels Sprout Salad. Shredded Brussels sprouts, crisp tart apples, feta cheese, cranberries, pomegranate arils and walnuts all tossed in a tangy honey dijon vinaigrette.  This Brussels Sprout Salad makes a perfect side or lunch. Brussels Sprout Salad I wish I could tell you in words how much I love this salad! It’s loaded with fresh fall flavors […]

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Dill Pickle Tartar Sauce

Dill Pickle Tartar Sauce

Dill Pickle Tartar Sauce is packed full of crunchy zesty dill pickle goodness! It pairs perfectly with fish, chips or fries, and even goes great on shrimp! Everyone loves tartar sauce, but the store bought version doesn’t even hold a candle to its homemade sibling. You will be so surprised to see how simple it is […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is one of my favorite desserts! Sweet and colorful strawberries balance perfectly with the tartness of rhubarb. This easy pie recipe is best served fresh from the oven with ice cream! We love pies all year long, Blueberry Pie in the summer, Easy Pecan Pie in the fall and of course Apple Crumb Pie all year […]

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