YPEKA - Data Center

Swift-CM2™ v2.86

Swiftbase Ltd.
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(212) 913-9455 | 9893053866 | 731-643-9006 | MIB
Screen refreshes automatically every 60 seconds.
YPEKA - Data Center ID 019B0C6C13000079
  Temperature 23.22°C
  Relative Humidity 35%
  Air Flow 33
  Light Level 1
  Sound Level 26
  IO-1 99
  IO-2 99
  IO-3 99
Data Graph
OLD Rack Sensor ID 5B00000352921014
  Air Flow 0
  Temperature 19.88°C
Data Graph
NEW Rack Sensor ID A3000003AF10B014
  Air Flow 25
  Temperature 16.25°C
Data Graph

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