Multifamily Marketing Platform

your Technology

Are you frustrated running your marketing using a patchwork of legacy marketing technologies? You can now replace it with a modern, cloud-based, mobile-centric marketing technology platform from

your Marketing

Is each property in your portfolio disconnected, using their own systems and marketing lists? integrates all your email lists, customer information and campaigns into one platform.  Empower each property, while tracking portfolio-wide marketing performance.

your Team

How does a small marketing team scale itself to market hundreds of properties? With you can centrally manage email templates, contact forms, schedulers and more, while the platform automatically customizes them for each property.

Multifamily Emails

The only tool built to simplify email marketing for multifamily housing

  • Design, manage and send emails for a single property, tens of properties, or hundreds of properties with equal ease.
  • Use our Visual Composer to give your marketing operations team the simplest possible tool to edit and send emails.
  • Measure, analyze and A/B test your emails to maximize performance.
  • Integrate your email marketing with popular tools from Yardi, RealPage, or Salesforce.

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“Tournado” Scheduler

Modernize, simplify and increase the number of tours to your property using the Tournado tour scheduling app:

  • Make it easy for your prospects to schedule a tour on any device: Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.
  • Customize the scheduler app, pre-tour emails and post-tour emails to match your branding standards.
  • Simplify the lives of your property management team by giving them the Tournado Property Manager Portal to manage a unified calendar, manage tour availability and gather intelligence about the prospect even before they arrive.



“HyCard” Guest Cards

Because you want to hear them say “You had me at Hello!”

  • Remember your Guests:  Show that you remember your guests! If your guest has filled out a HyCard before, HyCard will remember the details. And, your guests won’t have to fill out the same info twice.
  • Progressive Form:  Get your prospect to fill out the minimum information you need to get a new lead! Then, progressively, give them the option to add more details.
  • One HyCard. Multiple Apps:  Define a HyCard once and deploy it to corporate pages, property pages, kiosk applications and landing pages with one simple YouTube-like embed code.

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Prospect EQ Analytics

Use our advanced Prospect EQ analytics engine to gain unique insights into your prospect

  • EQ Score:  Quantify a prospect’s interest in your property using’s scoring algorithm.
  • 360 Degree Touch History:  Get a bird’s eye view of all the ways your digital marketing has touched your prospect including newsletters sent, emails opened, emails clicked, tours scheduled, etc.
  • Cross-property Analysis:  Analyze not just your prospect’s engagement with one property but all properties in one convenient dashboard.

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Property IQ Analytics

Quantify, analyze & visualize your property marketing funnel.

  • Big Data store: Create a single repository for all your marketing data: Google Analytics, SalesForce, Contact Form submissions, Tour scheduled, Emails sent, etc.
  • Visualize metrics for a property:  Visualize the marketing performance metrics for each property in convenient dashboards.
  • Compare metrics across properties: Compare the marketing performance of different properties as they convert a lead to lease.

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