I don't trust you either.

I can see ten kids.

I know it's important work.

Jeannie certainly attracted a lot of attention.

We'll go talk to him.

Jeffery stood there for a while.

We have supplied those families with food.

Let me tell my side of the story.

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I have come so that you can inform me.

I'm sure he mistook me for my sister.

Let's wind up our work.

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The car broke down on the way to the airport.

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You are the only one I love.


Let's turn off at the next rest stop.

I wish things could've been different.

Huey is a football player.


What's her occupation?

Stay close to them.

He did not ignore our request, and neither did she.


They are pleased with your work.

He loves ritual.

The desk is too small for Meg.

What does that cost?

Rajendra is dead drunk.

Doesn't it look like a mirror?

It'll work out, I'm sure of it!

Did you know that Tommy couldn't speak French?

The sea is raging.

Don't be so condescending.

I feel as though I've committed rape, although I know that that makes no sense.

The only language I can speak is French.

I saved for future needs a little money as our marriage fund.

I don't know the name of that temple.

I've got no feeling in my left arm at all.

Ross knew Mikey would be late.

After a few minutes, I began to lose interest in the conversation.

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I never did much care for cats.

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Do you know what room Charlene is in?

She needs us to show her the way.

You must work very hard on duty.

The teacher lost his job because he cruelly berated students who made mistakes.

He began to be a problem.

On average, women live longer than men.

Todd always keeps a map in the glove compartment.

Rajiv looked around to make sure no one was watching.

Go on, snigger.

She was in trouble because she lost her passport.

Do you have rain gear with you?

Look at that big hammer.

You have to resign.


You said we could go.

The maid will take it to your house.

I've never been sued before.

They had to buy their supplies in New York.

Gail went down into the bomb shelter.

I'm going to try to go to sleep now.

Have you ever made a pie before?


The reason doesn't matter.

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Don't make me do this.

I think you'd like that.

He is not Japanese.

Where do your folks live?

I needed to hear that.

Earl certainly knows a lot about Boston.

Don't hesitate to call if you need me.

Art showed us around the city.

How many times do I have to apologize?

As you know, we were late due to the heavy rain.

It's all right here.

Some things are best left unsaid.

Have both of you already eaten lunch?


I'm sorry, Loren, I didn't mean it that way.

Water is good.

The box isn't empty.

He was heard singing the song.

Why didn't you say so earlier?

We'll have to take strong measures.

A true friend just tells it like it is.

My watch broke.

The boy was so dependent that he could not function in society.

You were courageous to tell the truth.

Reading classics is not easy.

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I know the person that you came with.

I understand what you're trying to say.

Dan didn't even talk about Linda.

I think this belongs to you.

Periodicals may not be removed from the reading room.

The school supplies the students with books.

Your opinion sounds like a good idea.


They don't look so busy, do they?

To my surprise, she was alive.

Do you foresee any changes?

The first pancake is always a blob.

I find it hard to get up early on cold mornings.

Deb is hiding behind the door.

Vivek isn't very strong.

I should probably get going.

Gabriel is a very talented writer.

A gunshot was heard in the distance.

He shouted himself hoarse.

We should be friends.

May all my dreams come true.

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Alberto dreamed that one day she would meet a prince and they would get married.


I was taking care of Phill.

When I arrived at the airport, the wind was blowing a gale.

I yelled for help.

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His father always comes home late.

You need to get out and socialize more.

The bridge is built of wood.

May I be so bold as to request your assistance?

Nikolai bet me thirty dollars that I couldn't do it.

I have no idea why Vice enjoys swimming so much.

I was so happy.


I've always trusted your judgment.

Do me a favor and take these suitcases down to the basement.

This is the same motorcycle that was left at the scene of the accident.

I had issues I had to deal with.

We told her.

I've accused you unfairly.

Won't anyone sit with me?


She must have some nerve to go and meet him by herself.

Let me know the days when you can come.

In a similar situation, the company was held liable.

The rampant sickness spread to many countries.

The birthday is the day on which a person was born.

Get some help.

I thought Saul would find that interesting.


Let's not talk about that now.

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I noticed her hands shaking.

"You're not my real sister. You were adopted." "That's not true!"

He waited anxiously for his son.

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"Nici's crying." "I know."


By the end of June 2006, the number of netizens in rural China had reached three million, seven hundred and forty one thousand, making up 5.1% of the total rural population.

This river extends for hundreds of miles.

Our band has never played disco music.

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The Worldwide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989.


A cat got out from under the car.

Exercise for thirty minutes daily and you'll be in great shape. Practice makes perfect, after all.

What do you know about Boston?

He's happy that he passed that exam.

On the faces of the grief-stricken refugees appeared a faint smile.

The lion is king of beasts.

I'm hoping you can help me.

The moon rises in the east.

I'd like to improve my English skills.


They want to do this right.


I want you to like her.

I told you the truth.

I am searching for my brother.


The enemy attack ended at dawn.

This bag was carried by car.

I come home at 2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Would you pass the salt and pepper?

Don't say a word.

We just don't have enough money.


Hence, I shall have to stay here.

I remember the day I met you.

All that has happened before, and will happen again.

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What song is she playing?

Do you think Alex didn't hear me?

I'm sick and tired of hamburgers.

When did you return from London?

Such a clunker!

It was a hot summer day.

I have a son.

You'll get my full cooperation.

Please don't breathe a word of this.

You must not yield to your desire to drink.

I won't try to predict the future.