Do you have a crowbar in your toolbox?


Molly has been a very bad boy.

There's no use making such a thing.

He promised a lot, but we only saw a bit.


Is there any chance this is a mistake?


Donnie is in danger of repeating his grade.

I don't play internet games.

Edmond wouldn't quit.

Irfan has been in love with you for a long time.

We don't really feel safe.

It's futile.

Can we talk to her directly?

Did you show it to your parents?

Foremost, Esperanto is a friendly language.

Will we also still go to the park even if it rains?

Go away: I'm working.

May God bless the Americans we lost this morning. May He comfort their families. May God continue to watch over this country that we love.

Fay has always been fascinated by toy poodles.

You frightened him.

Let me call my wife and tell her I won't be home for dinner.

I draw almost every day.

Jennie came down with a cold.

Kerry should have some good advice.

Would you mind if I helped?

All students are supposed to know the school regulations.

Randal looks about thirty years old.

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It was so simple.

I did a good job.

They are suffering financial difficulties.

Did he do such things?

The late Luther Vandross is well-known for his recording of the song "A House Is Not A Home."


Pete brought Edith some flowers.

Flowers are always a good idea.

He is taking his final exam.

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It was a resounding success.


The cherry is red.


Most of the town was sleeping.

This clock gains one minute a day.

She went to a movie the other day.

Am I supposed to answer that question now?

Art didn't wash his hands.

It was such a great movie that I watched it five times.

He is guilty of theft.


Archie is John's twin.

If you want to sit down, sit down.

I am barren.

Who'd want to hire him?

The people at this store are very friendly, and get very many customers as a result.

She sat next to him wishing she were somewhere else.

I saw Randolph dancing with another girl.

The system will go into operation in a short time.

The other students laughed.

You can't swim. Isn't that so?

Judging from the look of the sky, it will be fine tomorrow.

Have you ever been to Britain?

Everything is quiet.

Could I have half a kilo of chicken thighs, please?

Blaine can't afford that kind of computer.

I bought a bottle of salad oil.

I don't know what more I can do to help.

How much time do we have before dinner?

We're not doing this again.


Vladimir played with the baby.

I met her for the first time in Kyoto.

Pitawas left three hours ago so he should've arrived by now.

I was at home all day yesterday.

Could you speak a little louder please?

Am I allowed a little more milk?

Clyde knows that Tareq doesn't like him very much.


I was at a movie theater.


Your father works for a bank, doesn't he?

Dan beat Matt bloody.

Can you see my father?

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Have you decided who you'll invite to the party?


He was going to leave the house when she came.


Are there oak trees on the hill?


Did Ernest see this?

He put salt into his cup of coffee by mistake.

Life's a funny thing.

Even Robbin is surprised that Dylan lied.

Johnny has some very good ideas.

My investments earn about 10 percent a year.

Matthias doesn't do much.


It would be so cool if I could speak ten languages!

There's a secret base on the moon.

Except for Sri, everyone in the office left at 2:30.


In the same way as Hegel, Panovsky's notion of the dialectic makes history follow a predetermined course.

Do you want to go for a swim?

The pencils have already been bought.

He is an actor.

It was icky.

You've been quite helpful.

I can't quite place his accent.


You said it was important.

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That's what I said to Roderick.


What's the recipe for apple crumble?

What if every day were Saturday?

We're coming to get you.


There is a sort of neo-classical renaissance.

They put their two children's names down for school.

You'd do the same for me.

He shall pay for this one day.

Thank you so much for inviting me.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.

I care about her very much.


I've never lied to her.

Falling in love takes some time.

Would you please get some rest?

I'd love to come and visit.

It keeps raining.

I don't want her in this room.

I want to watch.

I will tell you about the case.

It wasn't premeditated.


I don't know what the matter is.

They held a dinner for the new president.

That should make you feel better.

I'll have that sent to you.

Noemi, the train is no place for dancing!

We plan to have a welcoming party for Mr. Clark who came to Japan the other day.

We are going to defend our country.


What's Barry's address?

Let us know what your plans are.

I hope Geoff's behaving himself.

Even though I decided to hang the laundry outside because the sun was shining, just as I was hanging them, it started to rain.

You should be ashamed of your folly.

I went to Victoria Station, where I saw an old friend of mine.

Vijay lost thirty pounds.

There's still some beer in the fridge.

This noise is unbearable.

We need to move quickly.

I need him on my team.

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Why is my father in the kitchen?

Claude didn't even know where he was.

Where have you been, anyway?

We will have lunch together at twelve-thirty.

You can't be afraid to make mistakes when learning a foreign language.

Do you like the piano?

Have you ever eaten this dish?

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I know Myron wants to make a good impression.


I have to make photocopies.


Are these all your belongings?

Muiriel is 20 now.

Can it wait?

You don't need to go unless you want to.

I'm not optimistic.

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The English have adopted many words from French.


Did you do that by yourself?

Slartibartfast wondered how his ex-wife and her new husband were getting along.

Do you know what you just did?

Do you like to travel? Me too.

They can't replace you.

There are fresh tracks in the snow.

He had to think for himself.

Sometimes I understand you.

Randy's afraid.

We don't have time for this.

No one can operate this machine.

Young as he is, he is clever.

Today is his coronation day.


I found a diary my father kept for thirty years.

Laurel lives on the other side of town.

It was not one battle, but many.

Dannie made me promise not to tell Laurel his phone number.

I am a 22 year-old man.


This is the bottom line.