He looks young considering his age.

Antonella told Juri about the accident.

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That last sentence of yours doesn't make much sense.


He twisted his ankle.

Guinness is my favorite beer.

Keep climbing.

Why did you tell me that?

If you're really a witch, where's your broomstick?

No one will stop us.

I thought Donn had quit smoking.

The chances are two to one against us.

Pradeep gambled away all of the money that his grandfather gave him.

Let me show you how to do it.

Your parents are back together.

Thank you for clearing the backyard.

How many minutes shall I boil this frozen asparagus?


I wish she would stop smoking.

You're braver than I am.

The kids were absorbed in the splendid fireworks.

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I was dusting and sneezing all day.

Walter's pissed off because he's not the one and only.

I've done the job two months in advance.

Ninja isn't anything like Srinivas.

Until I entered the university, I had no experience of reading even a single book except comic books.


Which languages do you speak?

You must go, like it or lump it.

The meeting is nearly over.


Elias is rude, isn't he?


Dori speaks French as well as English.

It's been a year since I last saw Shoshannah.

He is timid as a hare.

That's what Sheila said this morning.

Is that your goal?

They won that game.

Lois hates it when it's hot.

Which is the best way to travel?

What's your favorite non-Google search engine?

Thanks, I'm full.

The cork would not come out.

Sue stood watching.

Indra isn't interested in politics at all.

I refuse to believe that we can't do anything about the situation.

It's the wrong one.

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The lake was beautiful with some swans swimming on it.

Huey and Lorraine ate quietly in the moonlight.

He's not home yet.


The soldier refused to fire his rifle at the enemy.

Could you take me to the Grand Hotel?

I'm getting used to Rogue's new hair style.

Jim, don't run about in the room.

Ken has to run fast.

It seemed like a good idea.

I want to talk to Magnus and I mean now!

Let me talk to him alone, OK?

I looked for her.

Peggy is still not here.

He can play the piano better than I can.


Kimmo showed considerable courage.


I can't hear you.

I have some bad news.

I will do anything I can do for her.

They closed their eyes.

This is yet to come.

Andries can't remember exactly when he first met Jeffery's parents.

Their grapes suit my palate.


No, you're wrong.


Admission to the show is by ticket only.


Dogs can't talk, but it's almost as if the puppy's eyes said, "No, I don't have a home."

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It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Food works on our health.

He is a kind boy.

How did you manage to overlook such a glaring error?

What the hell is wrong with me?

All of this is very worrying.

It appears that you have made a foolish mistake.

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My gums won't stop bleeding.

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Don't you think Jill is kind of sweet?

I will give you a ride in my car.

We know Herman is here.

With you it's summer all year round.

It is your right.


He has been here till now.


Nadeem signed a waiver.

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Harris has some advice for us.

Shadow didn't go, and neither did Jef.

We're going to get you out of there.

This guitar belongs to him.

She took two steps back.

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I want to make sure Matthias is safe.

The animals were restless.

Can you bet your butt that it's true?

Are you guys stupid or something?

He read the poem in a monotone.

Mr Gray was the first man that arrived.

Please lend me your knife.

He noticed that.

The landing was perfect.

Won't you sit on my knee?

Norm never was stupid.


How can you not know?

She fears for her life.

Columbus secured this region of interests.

Tommy, can you hear me?

She thinks about him when she's feeling lonely.


I was fined thirty dollars for speeding.

In 2024, there will be a robot in every home.

We're not prisoners.

Sonja is just about as old as I am.

How long do you think Siegurd will be gone?


I'm crazy for you!

We all die in the end.

We saw them leave.

Ramneek was good.

Ramadoss is a tough competitor.

Do you understand what's happening?

Well, what's the matter now?

I'll go see what I can find out from Margot.

I know how much you dislike him.

Svante never was disobedient.

A man walked past him.


The classroom is clean.

I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

No, I'll pay for it.

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I can always tell when Syun is lying.

The committee meeting is held twice per month.

We're glad to have you here.

She opened the door.

This shouldn't be hard for us to figure out.


Alvin is truthful.

My mother's illness prevented me from attending the meeting.

May I have a word with you?


I need a lot of cloth to make a long dress.

I hope you don't get lost.

Matthieu looks quite uncomfortable.

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May contain nuts.


We have to find Christina's hiding place.

Has Vassos had any visitors?

She always looked, but never was, happy.

I'm very happy for Jeff.

I broke my leg while skiing.

I believe nobody. I don't believe myself. I'm a hopeless man.

Are you sure we should pursue this?

Central Park is near where I work.

I'm here because I think I can help you.

It'll take not less than one hour to go there.

Please sign this receipt.

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I liked my cup of tea.

I can not afford to keep a car.

Shannon can't make himself understood in French.

The company once again went into the red. It is beyond saving.

Irving told me you were a little nervous.

Art said he thought we shouldn't go to Damon's party.

Do you still want these?


The police assembled a lot of evidence against him.

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I'm so happy for you guys.


I can often hear pigeons cooing outside my bedroom window.


Ragnar and Graham are getting hot and heavy.

I thanked her for her help.

Clarissa wants to know why Johnny is mad at him.

I like the English language, but I don't speak it well.

She started running her fingers through her hair.


I love Korean food.


Why don't you just go back and talk to Srinivasan?