Free Scanner Feeds

Listen to local law enforcement, fire, and medical

Below you can find streaming audio from available radio scanners. Currently the only available option is the Blanco station. More stations will be added as they become available.


About this Website

This site was created after I acquired an interest in listening to police radio. I used an RTL-SDR as a software-defined radio along with Unitrunker and DSD Plus to follow conversations and decode the digital voice signals. I would like to add additional streams to this site, so please use the contact form below to contact me if you would like to contribute by streaming your own town's emergency service radios. If you have a computer that can run constantly, the only other requirement is a $10 piece of hardware. I can assist with setup.

Archived Audio

I retain recordings of these streams. All of the recordings have blank recording space removed and only contain active conversations. These are available for purchase. Please use the contact form to request pricing information.

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