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Please wait here while I talk to Tran.

Could Chet have done this?

I need you in the garage.


I wish Brendan would spend more time at home.

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Look, it's very easy to fall down now if you're not careful.

I love that combination.

I am not a good swimmer.

Oliver invited Carisa to Boston.

The other shoe was nowhere in the store.

The night is hot.

It may be problematic to dissuade your parents from accompanying you to the event.


Where's Carisa headed?

Nobody criticizes my country.

This guitar originally belonged to Franklin.

He was very anxious to please.

Now do you understand?

Now let's talk about what we're going to do during the new semester.

Can you trust them?


You've been hanging around Christian too long.

That was an exciting game.

I like to cook all kinds of food.

The United States had become a world power.

Kathy is gazing at the stars.


Is it a trap?

I think it's simple.

Without water, nothing could live on this earth.

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Words fly, texts remain.

By all means consider yourself invited.

I thought you were going to call in sick.


I wish Monty were still here.

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Vance didn't even notice Eugene was looking at him.


I'm not in love with them.

I was hardly able to see her.

You're ducking the issue.


Pravin wore a button-down shirt.

You will recover from your weakness soon.

Frederick wondered what Sharon was doing in Boston.

That fact proves his innocence.

You have missed an important clue.

This is a complicated question to answer.

Are we going to eat?

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Never being discouraged is the secret to my success.


Lex helped us.

The classroom is full of teenagers. A couple of them are asleep.

Kenton won't be pleased.

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"My husband passed on two years ago," an elderly lady said.

How many pupils are there in your school?

I was worried you wouldn't do it.


It's been ages since we last talked. Let's catch up this weekend over coffee.

I like rhubarb tarts more than apricot tarts.

Elric splashed cold water on his face.

I don't believe I know Gil.

I want to be as rich as Johnathan.

You are rich indeed, but I doubt that you are happy.

Either you or your brother is wrong.


The Cold War began after the Second World War.

Leave me.

Around 30% increase in power seen in in-house comparisons with previous model.

They began to kiss.

Things aren't going well at all, any more.

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I won't try to kill that thing.

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I have to ask you some personal questions that you may not want to answer.


Please let me know if it hurts.

Would that be possible?

The hat does not fit you well. Is too small.

I say this as a compliment.

He's English, but lives in India.

I'm not going into details.

How long did it take you to drive from here to Tokyo?

Can you tell the difference?

Slow down or you're going to work yourself sick.

You can't help but like her.

With the way my luck has be running, it'll probably rain tomorrow.

Guido only saw Owen once.

Can you give that to her?


This is wildly optimistic.

Well, that went smoothly.

He plays at aerobics just to please his girlfriend.

Susumu changed places with Oskar.

Byron filed a formal complaint.

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I'm glad you talked me into going.


Belinda gave some candy to his grandchildren.

Am I supposed to help him?

Jane won't come to meet me any more.

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Sammy Davis was an excellent singer.

Have you ever cleared this garden?

I was hoping you wouldn't find out about what happened.

I still feel unsafe and uncomfortable in a crowd.

Pilot is very conceited.

Why are we protecting them?

Alain is in the park waiting for Julian.

I want to live with you.

Roxanne has one kid.

Victoria doesn't have any idea how much Jean-Pierre loves him.

When I have to choose between two evils, then I prefer to take the one that I haven't already tried.

Marcos didn't want Marshall to go out with other guys.

I've forgotten whether it was Saturday or Sunday.


Nothing could've made Joachim happier.


I'm in Boston now.


I may as well stay alone as keep him company.

How can we stop them?

Speak to me.

Leads won't approve.

You've been forewarned.

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Do you remember the town in which he was born?

Pablo's overwhelmed.

She looked at me with a passionate expression of entreaty.

I have been to Kyoto station to see my father off.

The influence that the president's wife has on him should not be underestimated.


He is a teacher rather than a writer.


This won't work!

Somebody should do something.

Saad has been extremely cooperative.

We need a cab.

I am not one of them.

She is a very poor driver.

Phillip shifted uncomfortably.

You can't go yet.

Pratapwant will hide it.


We spoke last night.

Jeanette and Jeffie each took a sip of wine.

Don't smoke in the toilet.

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Does anybody really care anymore?

Don't worry, it will be nice.

A guy named Donovan came to see you.

I didn't know what to do first.

The people of Boston hated the British soldiers.

I took a walk with my dog this morning.

What did Sundar really mean?

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She has a habit of biting her nails.

I'll try to get a hold of her.

Here's an illustration at the top of this page.

I think Joseph has been up to something.

Life is weird.

Who would refuse such a generous offer?

We cannot separate the sheep from the goats by appearance.

Boston is the place to be, right?

Although it seemed like a lot of money to spend just because I was too lazy to cut my own lawn, I turned the whole thing over to him.

That's our money.

I have to tell her the truth tomorrow.

Do you have many out-of-town assignments?

Meeting my old friend was very pleasant.

Jochen was an artilleryman.

I knew you'd like it.


I will make him return what he has stolen.

Why aren't you happy about this?

This is a cyclic topic.


His songs were very popular with young people.


She knew better than to ask such a stupid question.

Once a year there is an unannounced fire drill and all of the employees have to leave the building immediately.

When did you last see them?

If it rains, call me.

The ancient Goths and Saxons called this festival Yule.

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Go at once, or you will be late for school.

The battle took place near the Little Bighorn River.

Are your hands clean?

We've gotten into this fixed pattern.

If these muscles are weak, they cannot hold the kneecap in the correct position

How do you plan to help me?

The question of how to establish the optimal formula is still open.


This is the first time I've set a trap.

It's pretty dark.

That family has lost its social position.