Few stories from Kadhika App.

Kadhika App has over 150 stories already with over 12,000 listens world wide. This is a platform for you to tell, share and hear stories along with your little ones. Below are few of the stories from Kadhika App.

Kadhika App - Few Sample Malayalam Kids Story - Click below to hear

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App Features.

Have you ever felt short of stories when you put your kid to sleep? Are you a good story teller and like to share and tell stories with yound kids? Like to hear and know more on malayalam stories? Missing malayalam stories for long time? Would you like to request for any particular story to be heard? Kadhika App is the app for you..

Daily Stories for you.

Daily stories for you by category and type. Choose stories based on the hearing count, like count etc - simplifying popular stories


Create your playlist from the stories and hear at your convenience..

Simplied usage.

Password less registration, easier for you join Kadhika app.

Join Kadhika.

Let the world hear and appreciate your story-telling skills.Wanted to hear a story of your choice? Please share with us and we tell it for you

Share anywhere.

Share stories in facebook, google+, twitter or any social media of your choice with Kadhika app.

Collaboration platform.

This is a collaboration platform than just an app. Let your little ones also get a chance to hear the same stories that you use to hear while at bed time.

About Us..

Kadhika App is our story telling app in Malayalam and English. You can submit your stories through the app or mail us. Kadhika has over 1000 downloads within 5 months of its launch with over 12,000 listens. Currently the app is only in Android and we would be having the Apple version in coming months.

Our Milestones.

The journey of Kadhika has just started. Please do join us along to make it a great app for our loved ones. We always believed that feedbacks are important for us and we did a staged rollout of the app.

Mid Year of 2015


Kadhika App was initially launched with few users as part of alpha release. The feedbacks were incorporated into the next release

Chingam 1 1191

Beta release.

The App was rolled out to more users to improve on the usage and contributions

Sep 15, 2015


Kadhika App was live in Google App Store with around 20 stories.

Dec 12, 2015


Kadhika App crossed 500 downloads within 3 months of launch. The acceptance was very good with excellent contribution

Dec 2015

(804) 934-6255

Kadhika App crossed 100 Stories by end of December 2015

Early 2016


With Over 1000 downloads in Feb, Kadhika App has crossed 12,000 listens already.

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