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This is a photograph of my drawing.

Edmond couldn't decide who should get promoted.

You're not the center of the universe, you know.


She is more of an acquaintance than a friend.


That is exactly the opposite of the truth.

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Hazel had his wisdom teeth removed.

I'm drinking the coffee.

I don't learn.


There are as good fish in the sea now as ever.

Why are you so hard on him?

I know that one day you'll be gratefut to me.

Rather than getting depressed, I'd probably feel hatred towards her.

It was really just a misunderstanding.

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Don't forget to confirm your reservation in advance.

Please be sure to make a contribution to your local library.

It was slush on the road where the car, that had summer tires, ran out.

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Norma meant no harm.


Everyone needs to relax.

The party started soon after his arrival.

Robert gave Van a shove.


What does this rock look like?

He doesn't even know my name.

You're very good with children.

We were not prepared for the assault.

I took my shoes off.

The atmosphere mostly consists of nitrogen and oxygen.

Will you take me there?

If you don't want to bring that matter up, I'll try to understand you.

It's the wrong one.

He wrote down my phone number in case he should forget it.

I can't speak Turkish.

Elaine called to ask if there was anything he could do to help.

Robbin seldom goes to concerts.

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We chose a hotel in the vicinity of the museum.

It is easy to see the fault of others, but it is hard to see one's own.

May I accompany you on your walk?


These flowers are so beautiful, aren't they?


Why didn't you just tell me that you weren't planning to come?


They were in that room with me all night.

I'm afraid she will turn down my request.

Joubert has co-authored three textbooks.

I never did it again.

They are going to exhibit many famous old paintings at the gallery.

I can't believe that you mix white and colours together in a washing machine!

Security will be tightened.

We were forced to change our tactics.

If humans were meant to write, they would have pencils for hands.

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Give me a jingle when you have a chance.


What if Pia says no?

He has a good reputation.

It's computer-generated.


Inshallah, soon we'll be home.

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Whither is thy beloved gone, O thou fairest among women? whither is thy beloved turned aside? that we may seek him with thee.

Donald won't survive.

I was up late last night.

I can't stop thinking about Van.

I thought I could do it.

Lander assumes that rioting and gang behavior are a result of poverty and poor economic conditions.

I'm in real trouble.


He tried to get it at the expense of self-respect.

We had to start our business from zero.

The road bends sharply to the right at this point.

You pay him well, don't you?

The glass is clean.

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He's read thirty-three books this year.

Jaime has no self-esteem.

Who does the bell toll for?

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He made a firm resolution never to repeat it.

The police can't find them.

They did not agree to bring down the price.


The show's about a New Jersey mob boss who's in psychotherapy.


It's morning here in my time zone.

Paola and Ann need to learn to work together.

Don't you play tennis?


I thought you stopped dating him.

She was at a loss what to do.

Hubert kissed Ilya goodbye and left.

Are you sure you don't want to do that?

I continued singing.

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Stephen just watched.

She warned him not to go out at night alone.

I'm halfway through this crime novel.

I've always had complete confidence in your judgment.

She ordered an ice cream.

Kylo pulled on his pants.

Because families in Shanghai today have only one son or daughter, the head of the family places a strong emphasis on their childs studying.

It looks like Petr is winning.

It was poison gas.


The boy is washing in the bathroom.

Let me take you to lunch.

A big spider was spinning a web.


I can swim across the river.

You're hard-headed!

Erection problems can have various causes.


I'm occupied at the moment.


The change was immediate.

He clearly wants to go.

What certificates and paperwork are needed to apply for a passport?

How was the party?

Just don't worry.


We should get married.


I'm rather proud of it.

I'd like to make a reservation for tonight.

How did you come up with all this?

Loren gets along very well with his classmates.

And what would you do if your child was like that?

If you don't keep the silverware polished, it'll lose its luster.

I'd like you to meet Ofer.

Who the devil was that?

She met him three years ago.

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Devil sued God.


Let's not waste our time.


You should be talking to him.

He's writing his diary.

Have you found your umbrella yet?


Stanly needs a rest.


He won us over with his honesty.

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She called to tell me that her husband would be out of town for the weekend.

Rhonda didn't act like he'd even heard about what had happened.

What's the minimum salary in Jamaica?

Diligence was the principal factor in his remarkable promotion.

Eddy began reading that book three weeks ago and he still has only read less than half of it.

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You won't find a dog bigger than this one.

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I am thankful for standing on the tops of mountains.

His office is very close to mine.

Lack of sleep whittled away her energy.

Excuse me, where's the exit?

It looks like it's going to rain, right?

I saw him come this way.

I will be at the meeting.

Doesn't anyone want to know why we're here?

This heater burns gas.

Don't eat like a pig.

All we can do is pray.

The pupils did the work themselves.

Let me know as soon as he comes.


There were six candidates for queen.


Shannon is a devout Catholic.

We should give them some space.

You need to stop talking all the time and start listening to what others say.

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I signed one.

I've detected a big mistake.

Please tell me you're lying.

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Maria works in the field of psychiatry.


Shutoku is good at what he does.


You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police.


That doesn't sound like him.

That reply isn't correct, but it sounds interesting to me.

I made sure of that.

Rich wanted to stay in Boston.

Do they have any idea what happened?


Do you shave every thirty minutes?

Chris didn't have a car to drive.

How can you ask me that?