Remote Desktop a team

Our idea? It's pretty simple

A tool that can extend the Remote Desktop application with some useful team features.


Getting tired of being disconnected from your Remote Desktop session all the time, taken by someone else in the team because they did not realize you were on the server?

With this tool you can stop this from happening, cause now everyone can see who is on-line on which servers, so you don't disconnect people by accident anymore.

No need to install server-side software

That's right. If you have many servers, you don't need to spend time installing any software on them and keep them updated.

All you need to do, is to register yourself and then download our Team Connect client application. Then you can connect to all your servers using the normal Remote Desktop application through this client.

Keep your data tracked

Keep track of your connection history, so you can always step back and see who was on-line on which servers and for how long.

Keep track of your activities: Who created/deleted connections or users, who confirmed new subscriptions, view your team statistics and more.

Data and security

Your credentials for your servers are safe, we NEVER read them and we NEVER upload details about your server logins or similar.

The Remote Desktop application keep them safe for you, we only send information about your active connections and activities to our cloud server, so we can store them and broadcast this information to your other teammembers.

How it works

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Stop being disconnected
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Our prices are simple

Our tool is easy to use, so we made our prices easy as well

When signing up, you get 5 free subscriptions for a 30-day trial period

  • Cloud solution
  • $1/month/user
    $12 per year per user
  • With our dynamic pricing for users, you simply purchase exactly the amount of subscriptions you need (1 for each user). Example: If your team has a size of 5 members, you buy $12 * 5. Every subscription last for 12 months.

    You can increase your numbers of subscriptions any time you like. If you get 3 new team members, go to our website and into subscriptions and add 3 more. Their subscription start from the day you pay and then 12 months forward.

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WeTeamConnect is an extension service for Remote Desktop. It allows connections to be conducted and maintained in a team based setup, based on existing Remote Desktop features.

This service is owned and maintained by JOSTGO.
JOSTGO provides simple and functional internet based solutions of various kinds. We seek to improve features and functions in our services, based on our users feedback.

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