Universe Kogaku designs and manufactures optical lenses for industrial, medical, high tech and electronic applications. Standard and custom lens assemblies for scanners, CCTV, CCD/CMOS, medical imaging, surveillance systems, machine vision and night vision systems. Universe Kogaku’s lens application engineers provide your optimal lens solution.

We'll assist you with all of your design considerations—from lens assembly and overall design specifications to budgets and timetables. And we can reduce your project costs with our extensive selection of standard lens assemblies and elements, value-added services for component modification, and with custom designs that often eliminate the need for other components or modifications in your design.

859-352-0990 now for your optimal design solutions at 1-516-624-2444.

Custom Lens Design

Complete custom design capabilities from concept to prototype to production provide ideal solutions for unique designs. We have full plastic optics capability for both lenses and barrels. Our facility contains the best in lens manufacturing and inspection equipment.

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Technical Advice

For quick online help, please check out our Focal Length Estimator for help in determining the basic parameters of your optical system. Our Lens Format Size chart describes the most common imager sizes.

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We have over 1600 different lenses in stock at our New York facility, ready for fast shipment. Only a few are described on this web site. Tell us what you need and when you want it...

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Security and Surveillance

Security and Surveillance

Lens assemblies for Security and Surveillance applications

Medical and Forensic Lenses

Medical and Forensic Lenses

Standard and custom lens assemblies for Medical, Diagnostic, and Forensic applications.

Automotive Lenses

Automotive Lenses

Standard and custom lens assemblies for automobile and trucking industry cameras

Machine Vision Lenses


Standard and custom lens assemblies for machine vision lenses