We don't have enough money to go to Boston by airplane.

Instead of complaining all the time you could maybe start getting some work done, don't you think?

He graduated from high school this spring.

I went into the room, where I found the children sitting on the sofa.

A surfer was eaten by a shark in Australia.

I want to kiss Marvin goodbye.


She made him a cake for his party.

Do you know CPR?

During the tour he broke apart from the group and found his own way.


How old were you when your family moved to Boston?

It's hot in here, right?

I'm heavier than you.


Do you have plans tonight?


No one speaks with me.

It took Pedro three hours to assemble a trampoline which the instructions said would take an hour.

Why don't you leave them?

I am a follower of that school.

Jesse didn't visit anybody.

I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.

Why are you acting so jumpy?

He offered her his jacket.

Vicki isn't the brightest guy in the world.

I've bought a gift for Catherine.

She is exact in money matters.

Syed made Tammy wash the car.

Last night I fell asleep quickly.

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You have no idea what you're talking about.


She tied him up and gagged him, then she started to beat him savagely.


We just thought we'd stop by and pay our respects to your missing family.

I wish I could speak English as fluently as you.

He often accuses her of never listening to what he says.

Regardless of that reason, I defend the noble Lojban language against word-shape crimes.

We do not know her.

I'm glad you guys are still here.

This is my natural hair color.

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What do you think Knapper would say if he knew we were here?

They communicated with the Western countries.

In summer, I like to go out for a run in the countryside.


Copy this program on your computer.

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If you want to go to the art museum, take this bus.

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I bet you ten bucks that you can't stay off the grog for a month.


Loyd was not wearing socks.

It was clear what he was trying to go.

Jane will be excited to see the flowers.

Carisa has a piano.

I didn't know you wanted to work for me.

That's really hard to do.

King John died from a mysterious illness.

Carl needs his privacy.

He cherished the memory of his dead wife.


My sister takes care of everything she possesses.


Pascal didn't intend to let Jeanette kiss him.

Why don't you go over to Rodent's this afternoon?

I don't have money to buy a new bicycle.

What is the correct aperture in this light?

There's some milk in the small cup.


She cursed loudly.

I wasn't in time for school this morning.

I usually take a bath before going to bed.

It was hard for him to hide the pride he felt after his success.

I owe my success to you.

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Liisa decided that Markku had to move out.


I should have read the instructions.

We were shown all of their family photos.

I still have nothing to talk about.

I come from a humble background.

When were you planning on telling Ricardo?

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I can dress myself.

Supply of oil from the Middle East may be disturbed.

Read the passage on page 22, please.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that China, Russia and Mongolia are good neighbours and partners.

He is as tall as my brother.


Happiness is probably wanting what you already have, not having what you want.


Do you have a crush on Tor?

I had a fantastic time at your party.

Oscar worked for Amanda for a long time.

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The Golden Age of the Romans is in the past.

I need a little more space.

People driving through southern Germany will see farmhouses with solar panels everywhere they look.

I just tell it like it is, Daren.

It's a lot of fun to climb that mountain.

I prefer milk over juice.

I've prepared a list.

Jun was afraid that people would judge her.

I ordered two hamburgers.

Father helped me lift the table in the living room.

You are asked to produce your permit to get in this center.


It was from her.

I have seen in my time a hundred craftsmen, a hundred farmers, wiser and happier than university rectors.

My friend told me that he had bought a new watch.


Obviously, he can do whatever he wants with his money.


They jumped us.


Srikanth and Alexis got everything they needed.

This is one of the fish that Sharon caught.

Where were all of you?

I was compelled to sign the paper.

The main character dies at the end of the book.

Why do you study French?

Norman did the best he could, but he still got bad grades.

I don't think Kees trusts many people.

I want you to see if you could do it.

Let me try.

Where should I throw away this empty cup?

Put me down, Wes.

It's completely my fault.


Kiwi are mostly nocturnal and have a refined sense of smell uncommon in birds.

Don't change your mind.

Don't waste your time looking for an obstacle - maybe there is none.


Can you pass me the salt?

Oslo wants to make its center car-free within four years.

You're a dream come true.

I'm sure you can do even better.

You can travel from Osaka to Tokyo in an hour by plane.

Don't bullshit me.

Quite frustrated, we saw our dreams disappear.

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After a long investigation, the police finally captured the suspected arsonist.

I never knew that.

There are forty-one teachers and about eight hundred students in this school.

My daughter has an imaginary friend.

I haven't had much sleep.

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I succeeded in getting the book.


Don't let her near my kids.

Minute particles are hardly visible to the naked eye.

This watch is superior to that one.


Give me the wine.

So much is happening.

Tal didn't want to waste any more time calculating how much time had been wasted.

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Jeanette called Earnie and asked her what year it was.

We've gotten pretty good at it.

We started in 2013.

He began skinning the animal.

Man is a vertebrate and has an immortal soul as well as a fatherland, so that he doesn't get too cocky.


Pour me another cup of coffee and I'll eat another doughnut.

This is a term used to describe the warming of the earth, due to growing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Barrio has to come with me.

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A man is truly free, even here in this embodied state, if he knows that God is the true agent and he by himself is powerless to do anything.


A biochemist gathers mutants for everything as if they were ingredients for a recipe.

I ate before you got here.

The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

You cannot be too careful about spelling.

Kyoto gets lots of visitors from all over the world.

I have to fire him.

I don't believe what I'm seeing.

Sit on the sofa and feel at ease.

I'll drive Phil home.

How did you come to believe that?

That is pretty fucking sick.

Was there anybody else in the bar?

Are you ready for the race?


Shakespeare's plays are full of anachronisms.

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They'll find us jobs.

The Chair would prefer, therefore, to take a recess.

How did you know where I was?

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They were left alone together.

A new branch to Haugesund will become the main effective road connection to Oslo and the East Norway for the entire western region.

I'm sure Rodent will like the gift you got him.

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Everything was OK.

I don't know when Sri left.

You are not jealous.

The students stood waiting for a bus.

John did even better than was expected.