About Us

IFITS was founded by IT entrepreneurs and compliance professionals to create a one-stop shop solution for the global fin-tech sector.

As a team we have combined knowledge and expertise of building and creating IT platforms in respect of crowdfunding, peer 2 peer lending (P2P), Robo-advice and investment management.

Combined with the compliance skills of knowing and understanding how the Regulations work and operate and running a business both compliantly and with profit we have created and expectational solution.

The team have worked with some of the leading global companies in the financial services sector and also small to medium enterprises.

We offer a range of services from off-the-shelf plug and go systems to bespoke IT platforms.


Implementation-Oriented consulting approach

It is the aim of our consulting activities to realise suitable practical solutions together with our clients. Our implementation-oriented consulting approach is characterised by a combination of expert advice and change management.

Partner for improving our clients success

We see our most important task in making our clients a bit more successful through out work. For our regular customers, we are thus a reliable partner for their continuously successful development

Support from our team of consultants

Our clients are supported by a team of expert consultants with many years of relevant experience. In cooperating with our clients, we put special emphasis on acting as partners and a proper team spirit. We want our clients to perceive us as a likeable advisor.

Our Skillset

IT Consultancy
Software Prototyping
Peer 2 Peer Lending
Integrated Mobile Apps
FinTech Services
Website Design
Testing Services
Project Management
  • Development

  • Software Prototyping

  • IT Consultancy

  • Website Design

  • Integrated Mobile Apps

  • Support

  • Testing Services

  • Project Management

  • Peer 2 Peer (P2P)

  • FinTech

  • Crowdfunding

  • Robo-Advice

37 Queen Anne Sreet, London, W1G 9JB
+44 020 7436 0630